Who We Are

Movilot is a leading "DBO" (Design-Build-Operate) Technology firm providing turnkey solutions to the mobile lottery and mobile gaming markets.

Deployed in over 13 countries across 3 continents, Movilot is distinguished by its capacity to integrate mobile gaming, mobile wallet and correspondent distribution networks into single unified technological platforms. Movilot’s three-level mobile offering is the ability to reach all mobile phone users with a solution that is appropriate to their device, whether the most sophisticated of IOS/Android/RIM devices, or the most simple of alphanumeric handsets.

Movilot executive team have more than 20 years of experience in developing, managing and delivering comprehensive turnkey technological platforms and solutions which are seamless and instinctively interactive for users.

Ever since the first SMS was sent in 1992, it has been clear that mobile phones were destined for a larger purpose than mere voice communication. Nowadays, there are many generations of devices on the market, from those that are simply capable of sending and receiving text messages and browsing websites, to smartphones capable of running sophisticated web and native apps.

For gaming operators, including mobile as part of their sales strategy allow them to reach players "on the go" and away from traditional retail or Internet solutions. Movilot launched its first mobile solution back in 2000 and since then has grown its mobile product portfolio to include an USSD and SMS solution, a non-smartphone (XHTML) solution and a sophisticated touch-screen web app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Movilot’s lottery and games are available in parallel on the Internet which allows Clients to synchronize and manage their gaming activity whether they are connected by mobile or internet.

Movilot’s current portfolio consists of various numbers of jackpot games, interactive slot machine and table type games, as well as a host of instant draw games. Movilot’s product launch in Haiti has been enormously successful generating 2.5mm users within less than 1 year of launch.


“Mobile” is the fastest growing category in gaming and in the lottery business. Mobile Gaming technologies are sweeping developed and developing countries alike due to its versatility and capacity to function on mobile equipment of varied levels of sophistication. Many nations are seeing tremendous growth in wireless usage such that the number of mobile phones have begun to exceed the size of the population.

The availability of mobile gaming and lottery has added a new selling point to mobile operators and has in and of itself attracted new subscribers. Many nations are beginning to tender concessions for Mobile Lotteries, which have proven quite lucrative for governments in terms of cash payments and incremental tax revenue. Mobile lotteries are more transparent in record keeping and less likely to underpay income tax bills.

Current Technology

New mobile technologies enable play of traditional lottery and interactive slot machine-type play on mobile devices anytime and anywhere. The best of current systems are flexible and based on USSD, SMS, and custom app technology that reach all phone users regardless of type and age of the mobile phone equipment utilized. Mobile gaming adds a whole new dimension to the entertainment repertoire that may be incorporated into mobile devices; and it also enables a host of related Point of Sale “POS” Services, which may be upsold to users to produce incremental revenue streams.

Global Footprint
Operated larges casino chain in Eastern Europe & currently operate video lotteries.
Provided consulting services for various lottery launches
Full Design Build and Operation for National Lottery of Rwanda
Providing consulting services for various traditional lottery & gaming launches
Implemented technical platform for Mobile gaming of Cellcom
Advised on the implementation of SMS national Lottery operated by MADALOT
Won tender fot the national lottery with Tilia Games
South Africa
Provided consulting services for various lottery launches
Established 1st Mobile Gaming Network for state lottery of Misiones
Consulted with local operator Galena in its first mobile lottery
Consulted with local operator for SMS Bingo & other games
Launched the country's 1st Mobile National Lottery
Provided consulting services for various lottery launches

And so Movilot set out to design and develop a platform that needed to be available Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Mobile Device. This platform would allow people to play various lottery games on any mobile device no matter how simple or smart; to create a suite of game related value added services for users; to make the entire platform intuitive and interactive; to allow people to pay for their games with prepaid phone credits; and to allow users to collect their winnings at convenient and abundantly available cash out locations.

In October 2011, Movilot, along with LISA and in partnership with Digicel, successfully launched the first game called Boloto in Haiti. Boloto drawings are held twice daily, to determine the winners for its HTG 2,000,000 (approximately USD 50,000) + progressive jackpot, and lower level prizes.

Boloto met every one of Movilot goals and standards as defined up front and became an overnight success, registering more than 1.5 million users within the first six months of operations, and close to 3 million within the first year.

Following the success of Boloto, Movilot added more games into the mix starting in April 2012 with Lotto 3, followed by Tiboul some months later, and the most recent, game Milyon20 launched in Fall 2013. Movilot has thus brought to the palms of Haitians' hands a classic, large-jackpot lottery game, as well as drawn betting games, and instant games.

Perhaps the most important measure of success is that Movilot has already paid out millions to thousands of happy customers, including 9 winners of the progressive Boloto jackpot.

To learn more about these Movilot Haiti please visit us at www.lisa.ht


Naturally, the other key factor for Movilot, that of mobile phone penetration, was likewise substantially positive, at well over one phone per person even by the most conservative of active-user metrics.

The focus on Panama has paid off. Movilot launched its first game in Panama, Mega Cash on July 17, 2013 to a gala press event at the Waldorf Astoria Panama. Mega Cash drawings are held twice daily, to determine the winners for its USD 200,000 + progressive jackpot, and lower level prizes.

In order to bring the Mega Cash game to Panamanians according to Movilot’s standard of Seamless Play. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Mobile Device., Movilot forged several key alliances, including with Digicel, a leading mobile phone operator to provide the gaming forum, and with various leading supermarket and retail locations including Super 99, Más Me Dan and Todo a Dollar, giving Panamanians 108 cash out locations where they can claim their prizes.

Mega Cash’s original advertising launch campaign created a lot of buzz with players, the press, and on social media outlets with its witty “With Mega Cash/ Without Mega Cash” theme which generated many inspirational and funny interpretations.

With Panama’s strong fundamentals, and with Movilot’s strategy of developing Latin America on individual and integrated basis, it was a natural decision for Movilot to establish Panama as a regional base of operations from which Movilot is currently working on bringing its mobile entertainment products and services to other neighboring countries.

To learn more about Movilot Panama and Mega Cash visit www.megacash.com.pa


Movilot has not overlooked the very robust performance that Latin American lotteries have had across the first three quarters of 2013, according to the World Lottery Association, a trend which is expected to continue in 2014. At the same time, mobile penetration in the region has experienced some of the world’s fastest growth, rising from 19% in 2002 to 110% in 2012, with an expected increase of 7.1% for 2013, as stated by Informa Telecoms and Media’s Ari Lopes.

Also, smartphone use is growing rapidly and expected to account for 46% of total handset sales in 2013 with the number of smartphone connections in Latin America increasing an astonishing 35% year-on-year in 2013, to 140.7 million.

These numbers represent a significant opportunity for Movilot to develop these markets on an individual and integrated basis, creating custom TURNKEY solutions with particular consideration of the existing traditional and mobile gaming infrastructure, as well as the legal framework of such markets.

Movilot is able and ready to partner with its potential clients following a Joint Venture model, or by undertaking the full development and operation of the game (s) on a concession basis.

Since “Mobile” is currently the fastest growing category in the gaming and the lottery markets, Movilot is set to continue breaking ground in many nations that are beginning to recognize the benefits and versatility of these kind of technology.

Please continue to check out this website for more updates regarding any upcoming markets.