July 24
One lucky winner won $500 three times in a week!

(David, Chiriquí- July 24, 2013) Some members of the Mega Cash executive team travelled to the interior to deliver prizes to the first three winners of B/. 500 in Chiriquí, David. One of the winners, Mr. Olmedo Rodríguez, won the highest level 3 prize of B/. 500 three times this week, by consistently playing the same numbers, even twice in the same drawing.

Mr. Ceferino Pimentel and Mr. Gravielito Bacorizo, also won B/. 500 each. In David, Jennifer La Rocca and Sergio Rivera from Mega Cash met three winners at Super 99 and Mas Me Dan, two of the three official cash out locations. Ms. La Rocca said that “they were very pleased to deliver these prizes corresponding to the payout levels 3 and 4, and that they are eagerly expecting to have the first winners of levels 1 and 2 of B/. 200,000 plus the progressive and B/. 25, 000 respectively, despite having launched the game less than a week ago”.

Mega Cash is the first game launched in Panama by Movilot, a leading “DBO” technology firm that provides turnkey solutions to the mobile lottery and mobile gaming markets, together with Digicel. Mega Cash was launched in Panama on July 18, 2013, after being successfully introduced in Haiti in 2011.

Playing Mega Cash is very easy because it can be done anytime, anywhere, from any Digicel cell phone, by dialing *777#SEND. The cost per play is B/. 1 plus 10 cents of carrier charges, and the jackpot is $200,000 plus the progressive. There are two daily drawings at 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and prizes can be claimed at any Super 99, Mas Me Dan and Todo a Dollar stores nationwide.

For more information visit www. or dial *100 from your Digicel cell phone or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at MegaCashPanama.

July 21
July 17
INTRODUCING MEGA CASH IN PANAMA, the new form of entertainment to play and win big from the palm of your hand!
Panamá, July 17, 2013- Introducing Mega Cash in Panama, an innovative form of mobile entertainment that can be played at anytime, anywhere from a Digicel cell phone, for a chance to win a jackpot of B/. 200, 000 plus the progressive, and prizes of B/. 25,000, B/. 500 and B/. 50. The beauty of Mega Cash is that playing it and cashing out its prizes easily integrates into everybody´s daily routine.

As a special promotion during its launch and for the first 15 days only (until August 1st), the first Mega Cash play is free.

Playing is easy:

  • From a Digicel cell phone with a prepaid or postpaid account dial *777#SEND, pick option 1 and follow the interactive menu simple steps to pick three numbers -digits each (i.e. 00-18-75). At the end you will receive a chat with your confirmation number.
  • The drawings are held twice a day at 12:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., 7 days a week. Dial *777#SEND to check the last drawn numbers.
  • Prizes can be claimed at more than 100 locations nationwide of Super 99, Mas Me Dan and Todo a Dollar.
  • Any model of Digicel cell phone can be used to play. Mega Cash interactive menu turns the simplest cell phone model into a sophisticated smartphone.

Mega Cash is exclusive for Digicel customers, Movilot´s strategic partner on this commercial promotion. Movilot S.A., the company behind Mega Cash, comes preceded by a solid reputation in the successful development and implementation of this technology in other markets.

In Haiti, more than three million users have played this form of entertainment with the equivalent of Mega Cash in their country, which was also brought by Movilot. In that market millions of dollars have been paid to thousands of happy customers, including winners of the jackpot plus progressive, which has already been paid to nine people; and level 2 prizes that have been paid to more than 40 people.

This new and innovative form of mobile entertainment places Panama at the forefront in the region in terms of technology. Mega Cash commercial promotion has been approved by the JCJ and has an aggregator license issued by ASEP.

For more information visit or dial *100 from your Digicel cell phone or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at MegaCashPanama.

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