Slot Machine-Type Games

These games allow users to play using mobile phones with instant winnings notifications.

Games may be based on 3 digit numbers and the handset is the equivalent of slot machines, using regular USSD or SMS technology to communicate with the game server.

Players are notified instantly of any winnings and can collect them in real time.

Sophisticated Casino-Type Games

These games are more complex and bring an interactive facet to the user experience.

They are very rich in appearance with colorful graphics and fluid animations that rival some of the best mobile action games.

The list of games ranges from Poker and Roulette to Black Jack & Asian style casino games.

Thanks to state of the art innovation in the mobile casino industry, more and more gamblers are enjoying their favorite casino games on the go.

Players can play their favorite casino games that are available at our online casino, on their smart phones or other handheld mobile devices. Banking is incredibly easy since all major credit cards are accepted.